Feeling appreciated?

Feeling appreciated?

How do you feel when you receive a promotional gift?

If you are looking for a great way to improve customer and business relations then promotional products are the solution. On a survey carried out on recipients of promotional products the findings were definitive. With respondents able to provide more than one answer, 79% said they felt appreciated when receiving a promotional gift. Other respondents felt Happy (49%), Impressed (20%) and Special (5%)... what better way to build better customer relationships than to utilise branded promotional gifts!

Case Study - Jameson Promotional Gift Pack

Eakin Ltd worked directly with Jameson to create a gift pack that could be presented to key clients. The brief was to leave recipients feeling appreciated, impressed, special and happy (All of the above!) The solution was a custom leather effect boxed gift set. The box was branded in white printed Jameson logo and contained the following items; soft touch note book, key ring torch, soft touch pen and drop lead pencil. All items were colour cordinating and branded with the Jameson logo.

Eakin delivered a truly impressive promotional gift pack that has enabled us to improve customer relationships effectively - we have have received overwhelmingly positive feedback and appreciation from our customers! 

Promotional products based on your needs

Eakin Ltd deliver a wide range of promotional gifts based on customer requirements. An extensive range of merchandise has something unique for every sector, available in a range of styles and colours.

All products can be custom branded with your company logo and colours. Eakin Ltd. have a dedicated sales and graphic design team to work with you to bring quality innovative ideas to life. For more information on the services and products we provide contact +44(0)28 3833 9870 or use the 'Enquire now' form below.

Source: Research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association at Marketing Week Live 2017 and B2B Expo (200 qualified face-to-face and online interviews with professional  buyers of promotional products.

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